What is Software Composition Analysis?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Software composition analysis (SCA) tools analyze and manage the risk of open source components within applications. It can find, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities and license issues in your open source dependencies and containers.

I have SAST and DAST isn’t that enough? Why do I need SCA?

While there is a range of application security tools SAST, DAST, and IAST, they are ineffective in finding open source vulnerabilities. DAST is slow, does not identify root causes, and can only run late in the SDLC. SAST is a static report with high false positives that quickly becomes outdated. When you’re pushing a dozen releases every day and SAST takes hours to run, then it can’t keep up. IAST provides limited coverage and requires a mature test environment. Only software Composition Analysis (SCA) can effectively protect your enterprise from open source risk and is compatible with the demands of rapid development and deployment of a CI/CD environment.


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