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How much open source software do you have?

It’s in your operating system, browser, and favorite games. It’s in the apps you use every day and the tools you use to make them. But how much open source software do you actually have?

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MergeBase CLT Command Line Tool Suppression

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Scans API Reference

MergeBase’s Scans API provides REST access to scan data.

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MergeBase CodeGreen SCA & CVE Defense for Bitbucket

MergeBase CodeGreen – SCA & CVE Defense allows Bitbucket admins to define and encourage consistent git policy across all projects and repositories within their Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Datacenter installations.

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DevSecOps Maturity Assessment

Take this complimentary assessment, to acquire valuable insights for evaluating your DevSecOps approaches and more.

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Open Source Protection

Stay on top of the real risk of open source at any time.

Avoid false positives and get sophisticated upgrade guidance based on risk, compatibility, and popularity.

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Add Dynamic Application Surveillance and Hardening

Detect and defend against known-vulnerabilities at runtime. The only SCA to do so.

The quickest way to respond to an imminent threat like log4j with CVE-2021-44228.

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MergeBase directly integrates with Github and Bitbucket to provide an early warning system for your in-house development

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