MergeBase’ SCA Platform

MergeBase is revolutionizing software supply chain protection with a full-featured, developer-oriented SCA solution that brings the lowest false positives in the industry and the only SCA platform with complete DevOps coverage from coding, building to deployment and runtime.

MergeBase SCA Platform

Why use MergeBase as your core platform?

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Low False Positives

MergeBase accurately identifies and reports vulnerabilities during the build and deployment process, with very low false positive rates.

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Developer Guidance

Accelerate your development by immediately getting the best upgrade path and even applying that automatically using “AutoPatching”. The most advanced developer guidance in the industry today

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MergeBase empowers security and development teams to effectively find and reduce the real risks in open source more rapidly than ever before

Get Closer Look

Are you still in doubt if you should use MergeBase tools? Have a closer look at how the MergeBase SCA Platform works. In this video, MergeBase CEO Oscar van der Meer demonstrates what the MergeBase SCA tool offers and why it is one of the best tools in the market.


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  • Overview of your applications
  • Detailed breakdown
  • Find out the risks of underlying components
  • Get more details on the vulnerability found
  • Notification System
  • Generate SBOM reports

Developer Guidance

  • Summary of the available versions
  • Find out the popular versions in the industry
  • Find out all information that you need to upgrade your project successfully.
  • Accelerate your development by immediately getting the best upgrade path, and even applying that automatically using “AutoPatching”.
  • Create JIRA Ticket or Microsoft board ticket to feed your team workflow
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Visibility and monitoring vulnerabilities in your applications

Language Support
Detect vulnerabilities in Java, Python, Scala, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Elixir, C, C++, .NET, Rust, and Dart.

Accelerate Triage
Accelerates triage by minimizing false positives and deemphasizing vulnerabilities in unused code.

Instant Protection
Instantly reduce risk in production for vulnerabilities that have not been remediated yet.

Go Beyond Traditional Vulnerability Databases
MergeBase goes above and beyond CVE’s from the NVD because your enterprise needs every advantage against today’s adversaries.

Container scanning
In addition to securing your applications, you want to ensure that the container it is deployed on is safe. MergeBase includes scanning to do this as well.

Complete Reports
Access full reports that show all your vulnerable components and will indicate if that’s a violation or compliance with policies.

Suppression Risk Management

Suppression Management

Without suppression management you have two options. Accept that you cannot run a build and slow down delivery, or disable your security tool and now loose your security governance.

  • Vulnerabilities pop-up just when you are under a severe deadline
  • A fix is available but requires re-work on your side.
  • You have compensating controls in place for a vulnerability.

Without suppression management you have two options. Accept that you cannot run a build and slow down delivery, or disable your security tool and now loose your security governance.

Manage Legal Risk

  • MergeBase provides full analysis on open source license so you can manage your legal risk . Policies are completely customizable to meet your legal and M&A requirements.
  • To better manage risk a traffic light protocol is used. On violation of policy the build can be stopped for license risk as well.
Superior Prioritization

Most large scale organisation have vulnerability overload. MergeBase helps you with superior prioritization.

  • MergeBase Collects either high-level, or detailed usage data for all libraries in a system which in turn, helps inform and prioritize triage and patching work for development teams.
  • MergeBase integrates with platforms like ThreadConnect, Kenna, Nucleus and others to combine different data source to improve prioritization.
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Our SaaS technology seamlessly integrates into your security workflow.

  • Source Code Management
  • CD/CI Integration
  • Jira/ Boards Integration
  • SIEM Integration
  • Management Services

Access the full integration information here.

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