The complete SCA tool for JAVA with
Dynamic Application Hardening

The only SCA platform with Dynamic Application Hardening, that blocks Java exploits without patching, has complete SBOM and container support, includes Real Code Coverage, and has the lowest false positives in the industry.
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Java Security

Experience Complete DevOps Security for your Java Applications


Boost your effectiveness with AutoPR

MergeBase offers valuable developer guidance providing insights on best practices, security recommendations, and potential vulnerabilities associated with specific dependencies. Allowing you to make informed decisions, write more secure code, and focus on what you do best: creating innovative solutions.


The Lowest False Positives Rates

Say goodbye to false positives that waste valuable engineering time. MergeBase accurately identifies and reports vulnerabilities during the build and deployment process, with the industry's lowest false positive ratio allowing you to address real threats promptly.


Integrate with a few clicks

Enhance your development pipeline's security while leveraging your preferred tools for seamless collaboration. MergeBase supports all the major build systems (Maven, Gradle, Apache Ant) and integrates smoothly with popular tools like Git, Jira, Slack, and more.


Complete SBOM in SPDX and CDX with VEX

MergeBase simplifies the generation of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for your Java applications. Choose from multiple sources: generate SBOM directly from source code, a binary distribution, or containers. Enjoy flexibility with various formats, including SPDX and CycloneDX, ensuring compatibility with your preferred software supply chain management systems.


Develop at Full Speed with Suppression Management

Make security exceptions when needed while maintaining security governance and accountability. You have a vulnerability outside policy limits, but now good fix is yet available. It can potentially block your build and slow down engineering. Does this sounds familiar? Then you need Suppression Management.

See Dynamic Application Hardening in Action

Take a look at this demonstration of Java Dynamic Application Hardening exploiting the Log4J CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.

Analyze Binary Files with Precision

MergeBase can analyze your Java binaries. This is invaluable for instance for analyzing licensed applications, frameworks and libraries, or for proprietary build processes. MergeBase calculates a unique fingerprint for each component in your Java application. This fingerprinting mechanism enables accurate tracking and identification of components, simplifying vulnerability management and ensuring proper remediation.

Binary Code

Comprehensive Coverage for Java

Your IP never leaves your server

Your IP never leaves your server

Safeguard your Java applications with ease and unwavering confidence

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