The frictionless way to scan and secure Flutter & Dart-based applications

Find & fix vulnerabilities with industry-leading accuracy and make routine testing a natural part of your development process with the market-leading Dart SCA tool from MergeBase.

Relying on marketplace-imposed security standards puts your mobile applications at risk


of all mobile banking apps are vulnerable


of healthcare apps are at risk


of airline apps are open to attack
At MergeBase we believe

Adapt to changing software security regulations without adding to your workload

MergeBase automatically scans applications, third-party libraries, and open-source Dart packages for vulnerabilities, making it easy to secure both ends of your SDLC.

  • Catch vulnerabilities before they enter your build environment
  • Protect your applications from code security threats (including projects developed using Flutter)
  • Integrate with existing project management tools to track fixes efficiently
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Accelerate secure deployments with the industry’s lowest false positive rate

Eliminate alter fatigue

MergeBase's industry-leading accuracy prevents time-consuming hunts for false positives, helping you to focus on the real vulnerabilities affecting your Dart code.

Maximize developer productivity

Developers guidance offers insights, security recommendations, and automatic patching so you can work more effectively without increasing your workload.

Simplify compliance

MergeBase's Custom Policies make it easy to align your vulnerability prioritization with your company compliance policies to ensure your Dart appications meet even the strictest security regulations.

Go beyond traditional vulnerability detection

The MergeBase Dart vulnerability scanner detects CVEs beyond those listed in the NVD to give you every advantage over today’s adversaries.

  • Get notified about new vulnerabilities and threats facing your Dart application
  • Assess risk more effectively with a detailed breakdown of each CVE affecting your software
  • Access tailored insights and security recommendations to help you prioritize fixes efficiently
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At MergeBase we believe

Get complete coverage from development through to production

Software Composition Analysis
Full SBOM Management
Developer Guidance
Cloud & On-Premise Options
Maintain project compliance with our full-suite of SBOM tools

Maintain project compliance with our full-suite of SBOM tools

Protect your software supply chain against cyber threats with our comprehensive SBOM solutions that enable you to import/export, create, and manage software bill of materials without leaving the MergeBase platform.

Fortify your code and keep your Dart projects compliant with industry regulations in one go.

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