SCA Runtime Protection™
Break the Kill Chain!

Supply chain attacks on open source software grew 650% in 2021. And by 2025, Gartner predicts that these software supply chain attacks will continue to increase over 300% from 2021, impacting nearly half of all organizations globally.

The only SCA platform that can block Java exploits without patching

With MergeBase’s patented SCA Runtime Protection feature, you can choose to monitor or block any Java-related CVE, either the whole software library or the specific vulnerable function.

In the past, the only option was to wait for a patch to be applied and hope it did not break your application when updated. After learning that a Java CVE impacted your software supply chain, like struts or log4j, you had to rush to remediate immediately as you were not safe until patched.

Now with Java Runtime Protection, you can break your attackers’ kill chain, buying your team as much time as needed to calmly remediate with minimal interruption to production. No more sleepless nights or frantic midnight patching runs over the weekend, since MergeBase empowers you to choose to monitor or block the vulnerable Java component or function.

Protect your Software Supply Chain at Runtime:

Visibility and Monitoring:

MergeBase tracks your application instances to give you a complete and real-time overview of actual usage and risk.

Runtime Protection:

You can instantly block known exploits in production without patching, radically reducing risk before remediation.

Harden Applications:

MergeBase empowers you to identify unused Java libraries & functions and block them proactively before they become zero-day exploits.

Reduce Attack Surface & Operational Risk with SCA Runtime Protection

Harden your line-of-business applications and reduce your attack surface with SCA Runtime Protection. Now you can dramatically reduce vulnerability to zero-day attacks and CVEs by shutting down access to all unused third-party Java libraries and functions.

MergeBase SCA Runtime Protection empowers you to perform real-time software runtime monitoring to learn what third-party dependencies are used by your enterprise applications, allowing you to intelligently shut off execution capability of all unneeded Java components and methods, preventing known exploits or CVEs as well as unknown or zero-day attacks.

With Runtime Protection, you can break your attackers’ kill chain before they strike.

Runtime Protection in Action

Take a look at this demonstration of Java Runtime Protection exploiting the Log4J CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.

Other time-saving reasons to explore MergeBase SCA Platform

Highest SCA Accuracy in the industry

Most Complete SBOM support available

Comprehensive DevOps Integration & SDLC Support

Best-in-class Developer Guidance & Remediation Support

Automated Compatibility Checking & Technical Debt Analysis

OSS License Compliance Reporting

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