Secure your Enterprise from the real risk of Open Source

MergeBase gives companies a way to know where the biggest threats are, running live. MergeBase’s SCA platform manages vulnerabilities, licenses and policies running in production and gives you remediation options that include compatibility and popularity data. It triggers warnings about vulnerabilities that are running in production including from third-party components and third-party software.

Why Top Enterprises Choose MergeBase

True Vulnerabilities

MergeBase provides visibility into the real risk of your enterprise applications from vulnerable open source components at every stage of the development lifecycle with minimal false positives.

Intelligent Remediation

Accelerate triage by minimizing false positives and deemphasizing vulnerabilities in unused code. Automate remediation during development and block attacks on vulnerable components in production.

Accelerate Development

MergeBase accelerates developers ability to code securely with developer friendly tools and enterprise class controls that prevent bringing known vulnerabilities into your codebase.

What are your true cost of securing open source?

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What our customers are saying

“The outcomes proved to be very valuable to us… recommend to purchase“

- VP IT, Energy Producer

“MergeBase detected more vulnerabilities than the other systems we tested…”

- Co-Founder & CTO, Fintech

Why is MergeBase important to securing your Enterprise?

Over 90% of all enterprises have embraced open source as a means to accelerate development and deliver customer value. Unfortunately, open source brings exploitable vulnerabilities into applications that adversaries commonly exploit. These vulnerabilities are on the rise, with an almost 50% increase over the previous year (Forrester 2020). MergeBase gives you visibility into the real risk of open source and accelerates your ability to stay ahead of adversaries.

MergeBase is seamlessly integrated throughout your SDLC


Awareness: CodeGreen alerts developers to known vulnerabilities early in the development process, enabling overall cost savings and quick resolution.

Enterprise Controls: CodeGreen prevents vulnerabilities from even entering an enterprise’s code base.

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Identification: BuildGreen accurately identifies and report vulnerabilities during the build and deployment process, with very low false positive rates.

Control: BuildGreen can stop builds that contain vulnerabilities outside of enterprise policy levels.

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Visibility: RunGreen tracks your applications across all of your cloud and on-prem deployments and gives you a complete and up to date overview of risk and actual usage.

Protection: RunGreen can instantly reduce risk in production for vulnerabilities that have not been mediated yet.

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