Reduce software supply chain risk with proven Software Composition Analysis (SCA).

Achieve compliance, secure applications, and reduce your organization’s supply chain attack surface with dynamic application surveillance and hardening and always-on software vulnerability management.

Get visibility to your software supply chain attack surface and stay ahead of adversaries. Keeping pace with rising cyber risk, ever-increasing vulnerabilities, and government-driven compliance requirements are complex, time consuming, and prone to error.

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Why Top Enterprises Choose MergeBase

MergeBase’s Software Composition Analysis platform helps teams accelerate component upgrades and manage unused and vulnerable application components, without adding burden to your dev team.


Reduce Your Attack Surface

Always-on vulnerability management and remediation helps you stay on top of your organization’s software supply chain attack surface.


Minimize Time to Respond

Save time and reduce risk with real-time visibility to known vulnerabilities that minimizes mean time to repair and respond.


Reduce Team Burden

Optimize DevSecOps with SCA that helps your developers focus on development, instead of security fixes.

True Vulnerabilities

MergeBase provides visibility into the real risk of your enterprise applications from vulnerable open source components at every stage of the development lifecycle with minimal false positives.

Intelligent Remediation

Accelerate triage by minimizing false positives and deemphasizing vulnerabilities in unused code. Automate remediation during development and block attacks on vulnerable components in production.

Accelerate Development

MergeBase accelerates developers ability to code securely with developer friendly tools and enterprise class controls that prevent bringing known vulnerabilities into your codebase.

Respond to known vulnerabilities in minutes — instead of days, weeks or even months

Known vulnerabilities like Log4J can go undetected for months, putting your organization at increased risk of compromise and attacks. Yet finding and mitigating vulnerabilities can be challenging and time consuming.

MergeBase delivers visibility to open source risk and accelerates your ability to stay ahead of adversaries.


Unleash the Power of SBOMs

Protect your software supply chain against cyber threats with our comprehensive SBOM solutions. Learn how SBOMs help fortify your code and defend against vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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MergeBase is seamlessly integrated throughout your SDLC

Mergebase covers full sdlc application life cycle


MergeBase directly integrates with Github and Bitbucket to provide an early warning system for your in-house development.


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Stay on top of the real risk of open source at any time.

Avoid false positives and get sophisticated upgrade guidance based on risk, compatibility and popularity.


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Detect and defend against known vulnerabilities at runtime.

The only SCA to do so. The quickest way to respond to an imminent threat like log4j with CVE-2021-44228.


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What our customers are saying

what customers are saying

“The outcomes proved to be very valuable to us… recommend to purchase“

-VP IT, Energy Producer

“MergeBase detected more vulnerabilities than the other systems we tested…”

- Co-Founder & CTO, Fintech