Introducing Rust Language Support for MergeBase’s SCA Tool

Introducing Rust Support

The MergeBase team is proud to announce we’ve added a new programming language — Rust — to our ever-growing list of supported languages and build systems.

Renowned for its efficiency and safety features, Rust is quickly becoming one of the most popular languages for building secure and high-performance applications. Adding Rust programming language support to MergeBase’s comprehensive Software Composition Analysis tool further strengthens our commitment to enhancing software security.

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Common misconceptions about the Rust programming language

From systems programming to web development, IoT to game development, the Rust language is rapidly gaining widespread adoption across industries. Engineered for performance, reliability, and safety, Rust is considered by many as the language of choice for projects requiring uncompromising performance and reliability.

However, its reputation as a secure coding language doesn’t mean that Rust is immune to bugs and vulnerabilities that can affect your software supply chain security. As its popularity grows and it’s used in more instances that would give threat actors access to valuable, sensitive information, we’re likely to see an increase in the number of attempts to compromise the code.

To keep Rust applications secure, routine testing at every stage of the development lifecycle is vital. MergeBase can help with this.

Why MergeBase?

With the MergeBase Rust scanner, you can effortlessly fortify your projects written in the Rust language, ensuring they meet the highest security standards. Our developer-orientated SCA solution has one of the lowest false-positive rates on the market, helping teams avoid wild goose chases that waste valuable resources and impact developer productivity. MergeBase plans also give teams access to our suite of SBOM tools, enabling you to import, manage, create, and export Software Bill of Materials for your projects in minutes.

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