Webinar – How To Avoid Catastrophic Cryptographic Failures In Your Applications

Danger, Cryptography Ahead!

The latest OWASP-Top-Ten ranks “Cryptographic Failures” as the 2nd worst security problem currently facing software engineers today. In this webinar AppSec experts Jim Manico (OWASP Top Ten contributor), Farshad Abasi (OWASP Chapter Lead), and Julius Musseau will discuss why this is the case, and offer the best practices and resources for developers trying to avoid such failures in their own systems.

As the very recent (and very serious) CVE-2022-21449 shows – this problem never goes away! It’s hard for software practitioners to stay up-to-date, because new critical cryptographic weaknesses and configuration disasters are discovered and disseminated every year, and seemingly tiny benign mistakes can be game over.

Should you use Argon2 or bcrypt? When should you salt things? What parameters should you feed into your TLS endpoints? Anything to be careful about with JWT?

Come to our webinar to learn the answers, and more importantly, to learn the right resources for finding next year’s answers!

Jim Manico portrait
Jim Manico

CEO Manicode

Contributor to the OWASP Top Ten

Julius Musseau portrait
Julius Musseau

CTO MergeBase

Cyber and open source guru

Farshad Abasi

CISO Forward Security

Chapter Lead OWASP Vancouver


Webinar Series

Live Webinar

June 3rd, 10 am PST




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