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Webinar API Security - Preventing an API Breach July 21, 2022

API Security – Preventing an API Breach

It goes without saying that APIs are deployed everywhere. For instance a website click quickly initiates a dozen REST calls directly from your browser and another dozen behind the scenes. Software engineers, like you, integrate with APIs more and more to develop new features and enhancements.

Webinar Access Control July 4, 2022

OWASP Top Ten #1 Worst Problem: Poor Access Control

How To Avoid “All Your Base Are Belong To Everyone!” As you are probably well aware, access control is the biggest problem in Application Security. OWASP research in 2021 pointed this out, as did Verizon’s well-respected 2022 DIBR report. Why is this important? The same report points out that web application attacks are the second most frequent attack […]

vulnerability log4j August 26, 2022

Log4J Reunion Tour 2022 !!!

The unofficial, unauthorized retrospective, 9 months later. If it was not clear before, after Log4j, it certainly is now! Everybody uses open-source software in their applications. There are no exceptions, and as a result, we are all at risk of being breached by vulnerabilities in open-source software. The Log4J bug was a wake-up call. The […]

Webinar Perspectives on Software Supply Chains  September 22, 2022

Peaks vs. Valleys – Perspectives on Software Supply Chains

Real-world supply chains can involve planes, ocean freighters, trains, trucks, and even bike couriers. So it’s no surprise that software supply chains also involve a wide variety of complementary production, distribution, and deployment channels.

OWASP top 10 March 10, 2022

OWASP Top 10 2021 Explained

Compromises in the application layer are now responsible for 40% of breaches. Two years ago that was 24%. Obviously, time to pay attention to application security. OWASP will give you a running start with their Top 10.  Why use OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities? Imagine if a dozen of the top cybersecurity experts in the world […]

When Dependabot Is Worse Than Nothing_ Log4J As A Sub-Dependency March 16, 2022

When Dependabot Is Worse Than Nothing: Log4J As A Sub-Dependency

Watch this webinar about how Dependabot applies to you and find out how to fix this :). Why should you care about using Dependabot? Because if you’re using industry-standard software leader Dependabot, then your devs didn’t fix the recent Log4J problem properly. If you’re using it, then the tools you’re using now aren’t getting the […]

application security toolset April 15, 2022

How to Deploy an Effective Application Security Toolset?

SCA+SAST+DAST+IAST+RASP+.. = JOY ? spoiler alert: probably not In this webinar, application security experts Jim Manico (OWASP top 10’s contributor), Farshad Abasi (OWASP Chapter Lead), and Julius Musseau will go over best practices for rolling out an effective Application Security Toolset to your software development and security teams. How can you best get started, and […]

owasp asvs May 12, 2022

OWASP ASVS: your balanced appsec diet

Build strength, fitness and peace of mind! In this webinar, application security heavyweights Jim Manico (OWASP Top Ten contributor), Farshad Abasi (OWASP Chapter Lead), and Julius Musseau will talk about the best thing that can happen to you if your application security team is overwhelmed, overworked and over-worried. What you will learn in this section: […]

cryptographic failures June 8, 2022

How To Avoid Catastrophic Cryptographic Failures In Your Apps

The latest OWASP Top 10 ranks “Cryptographic Failures” as the 2nd worst security problem currently facing software engineers today. In this webinar AppSec experts Jim Manico (OWASP Top Ten contributor), Farshad Abasi (OWASP Chapter Lead), and Julius Musseau will discuss why this is the case, and offer the best practices and resources for developers trying to avoid such failures in their own systems.

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