Software Composition Analysis (SCA): Overview and Guide

What is Software Composition Analysis?

Find out how Software composition analysis (SCA) tools analyze and manage the risk of open source components within applications.

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2023 SCA Comparison Guide

Stay one step ahead of the threats your business may face by choosing the right SCA solution. Our guide examines a range of criteria that should consider before making a decision.

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What is your True Cost of Securing Open Source?

Find out your true cost of securing open-source using our TCO (total cost of ownership) calculator.

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How much Open Source do you have?

Probably more than you think. Both an academic paper and a measurement tool are available.

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Open Source Protection

Stay on top of the real risk of open source at any time.

Avoid false positives and get sophisticated upgrade guidance based on risk, compatibility, and popularity.

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Add Dynamic Application Surveillance and Hardening

Detect and defend against known-vulnerabilities at runtime. The only SCA to do so.

The quickest way to respond to an imminent threat like log4j with CVE-2021-44228.

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MergeBase directly integrates with Github and Bitbucket to provide an early warning system for your in-house development

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