spoiler alert: probably not

In this webinar, application security experts Jim Manico (OWASP top 10 contributor) , Farshad Abasi (OWASP Chapter Lead), and Julius Musseau will go over best practices for rolling out an effective Application Security Toolset to your software development and security teams.

How can you best get started and how can you best optimize your AppSec toolset over time? Watch this webinar NOW!

Are you just thinking of implementing AppSec tools, or are you looking at optimizing your existing tool set? Join Jim, Farshad and Julius in this webinar to hear:

  1. What combination of tools give you maximum protection.
  2. What tool gives you the highest value out of the box.
  3. How are threats likely to evolve and how to use your AppSec tool set to stay one step ahead of cyber advisories.

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