CodeGreen Gives Way to a New and Improved MergeBase-Bitbucket Integration

CodeGreen Announcement | MergeBase News

The MergeBase architecture is changing to support Atlassian’s shift towards Cloud , impacting users of CodeGreen.

As of January 30th, 2024, all the features of CodeGreen are now available via a seamless BitBucket integration with our cutting-edge MergeBase platform. This new updates enables new and existing users to experience advanced functionality and a unified user Cloud-based solution.

Going forward, CodeGreen support is being deprecated.

Upgrades and changes affecting CodeGreen users

  • An all-in-one dashboard: The MergeBase dashboard prominently displays your scans in one place for a comprehensive and streamlined view.
  • Cloud Support: Full support for BitBucket Cloud is included.
  • One-click scan capabilities: A single click now scans all your repositories, epitomizing efficiency.
  • Enhanced commit and pull request scans: We’ve intensified our scanning process to include every commit and pull request, ensuring meticulous security oversight.
  • In-platform developer guidance: MergeBase offers in-platform help to make quick, informed upgrade decisions to remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Intuitive SBOM generator: Easily generate Software Bill of Materials and other reports without leaving the MergeBase platform.
  • Ability to track open-source licensing risks
  • Personalized technical debt management: Set policies to upgrade or replace libraries according to your unique requirements.

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