MergeBase’s Bob Lyle to Present at GSMA FASG #29, Istanbul

MergeBase’s CRO Bob Lyle to Present at GSMA FASG #29, Istanbul

Bob Lyle, MergeBase’s Chief Revenue Officer and Deputy Chair of GSMA’s Device Security Group (DSG) will be attending the GSMA FASG #29 event in Istanbul from June 25-27th, 2024.

As a GSMA member, MergeBase is actively involved in initiatives aimed at enhancing the security of mobile devices, networks, and applications, and we’re proud to support Bob as he continues to drive important industry standards and collaborative efforts.

In today’s digital landscape, where mobile devices have become integral to both personal and professional life, the importance of mobile application security cannot be overstated.

By participating in events like GSMA FASG #29 and becoming a leading software supply chain solution with Dart language support, MergeBase remains at the forefront of safeguarding mobile applications and strengthening software supply chain security across all devices.

Bob will be presenting the Device Security Group’s update at the event; don’t miss it!