OWASP Top Ten #1 Worst Problem: Poor Access Control

Webinar Access Control

As you are probably well aware, access control is the biggest problem in Application Security. OWASP research in 2021 pointed this out, as did Verizon’s well-respected 2022 DIBR report.

Why is this important? The same report points out that web application attacks are the second most frequent attack pattern after DoS. So, if your organization has not been hit in this area, chances are you will be. Get ready!

Access control: the good, the bad and the ugly

Be warned, there are no quick fixes! No magical tools that resolve this for you. Developers’ first response is mostly to ignore access control as an issue and to make matters worse, application frameworks rarely provide details about its functionality since it’s not particularly generalizable.

But don’t despair! Approaches to resolve this are mature and well developed. Join our webinar with Application Security experts Jim, Erwin and Julius to learn about guidelines, patterns, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Watch this webinar Jim Manico (OWASP Top Ten contributor), Erwin Geirnaert (Co-founder & Chief Hacking Officer at Shift Left Security) and Julius Musseau to learn more.

What you will learn about access control?

They covered everything you need to know when implementing access control in your application. They also show you how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls so that you can build a secure app without spending too much time on it.

Recording was made on June 20th.

Is your application safe?


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