Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in a Nutshell

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in a Nutshell | Mergebase

“Software supply chain attacks are spiraling out of control. Attacks have increased tenfold over the last 2 years as cyber adversaries exploit the risk management gap between that currently exist between software vendors and software users. SBOMs are critical to close this gap and stem supply chain attacks.” Oscar van der Meer - CEO at Mergebase.

The Importance of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in Cybersecurity

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a game-changing document that lists all components and subcomponents of your software code. With cybercrime becoming a top threat to individuals, companies and governments, SBOMs are gaining popularity as a means of defense against cyber threats.

Are you aware that cybercrime is currently costing more than $6 trillion USD in damages, an alarming trend on the rise? To secure the software supply chain in critical industries, the government is imposing new regulations, notably US President Biden’s 2021 executive order demanding heightened software supply chain security, including the need for software vendors to provide key purchasers with an SBOM.

As a relatively new concept, it’s no wonder that many practices aren’t yet normalized. But worry not, we’ve compiled a guide that will help you to understand what a minimum-viable SBOM entails and what it’s for. As of September 2021, SPDX is an internationally recognized ISO standard for creating SBOMs and widely supported in the software supply chain security world. CycloneDX is also used by organizations whose operations involve SBOM generation and consumption; both offer numerous advantages.

By compiling an SBOM and keeping it up to date, you can improve how you manage your software supply chain, vulnerabilities, sales, procurement, and quality assurance. An SBOM creates a shared understanding between customers and vendors, allowing both parties to respond quickly to vulnerabilities. Software customers stand to benefit greatly from SBOM transparency, making it easier to streamline their due diligence processes when selecting a vendor. A good SBOM enables customers to stay compliant with software supply chain security regulations by monitoring their vendors’ SBOMs with their SCA tools.

Understanding the Key Attributes of a Software Bill of Materials

👉 Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, making it essential for companies to prioritize software security. Implementing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a proactive step towards reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing transparency in your applications. Discover the key attributes of an SBOM and how it can strengthen your software supply chain security efforts. Check out this article and find out why SBOM is a must-have.

In a nutshell, when done right, an SBOM has the potential to revolutionize the software supply chain security efforts, benefiting both customers and vendors.

Don’t be left behind; stay ahead by creating your SBOM today!

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