The latest software security intel (August 2023)

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Welcome to the August edition of the MergeBase newsletter, your source for valuable insights and updates in the realm of application security. In this month’s issue, we delve into the critical topic of prioritizing application security tools, offer tips to upgrade your security posture, and explore the ever-evolving landscape of software supply chain security.

Tips & Guides

How to Protect Against Software Supply Chain Attacks

Software supply chain attacks have emerged as a significant threat. Even in Java, a widely-used programming language known for its robustness and versatility, is not exempt from these attacks. In this insightful interview, we share valuable insights on protecting the Java ecosystem against software supply chain attacks. Check it now!


Four Signs It’s Time to Upgrade from OWASP Dependency-Check

OWASP Dependency-Check

As your DevSecOps team matures, discover the perfect moment to transition to a premium SCA solution. Uncover four key signs signaling this shift, and equip yourself with the insights to persuade your leadership. Check the 4 signs here!

Is Software Supply Chain Security on Your Risk Register?

Software Supply Chain Security on Your Risk Register?

As software supply chain threats surge, board risk committees must act. Learn why this domain is crucial and how government regulations and tech thought leaders are driving change. Explore more about why you should add software supply chain security to your risk register.

10 Major Java Vulnerability Types

10 Major Java Vulnerability Types*

Java faces ongoing security risks, particularly involving user inputs and potential exploitation. Explore common vulnerabilities and safeguard your Java apps with MergeBase.

Industry Report - Survey

How Do You Prioritize Application Security Tools?

At MergeBase, we’re dedicated to aiding DevSecOps teams in the challenging task of selecting the right application security tools for their tech stacks. We invite you to share your valuable insights by participating in a brief 2-minute survey. Access the survey here!

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