Get full Java coverage with Ant, Gradle and Maven

Get full coverage for you Java Build Tools

Whatever Java build tools you use, MergeBase has you covered.

As a Java software engineer, you are familiar with the importance of build tools like Maven, Gradle, and Ant in software development. These tools provide automated building, testing, and deployment of your code. However, how do you ensure the security of your build tools? With the rise of cyber threats, protecting your build tool has never been more critical.

While Maven is widely supported by many SCA solutions, Gradle and Ant are not. In fact, MergeBase is the only SCA tool that supports Ant! If you are on the engineering team of the 10% Java projects using Ant, we have your back.

Protect Your Java Build Tools with MergeBase’s Comprehensive Solution

Not matter what build tool you use, we have you covered: MergeBase’s Build Tool Protection is an all-in-one solution that offers you protection for all three Java build tools- Gradle, Maven, and Ant. The protection system ensures that the code is safe, reliable, and protected against all types of attacks, including those that target the underlying build tool. This means that it does not matter what build tool you use, MergeBase has you covered.

Automate pipeline operations and integrate security testing into the development process:

One of the reasons why MergeBase’s Build Tool Protection is so effective is that it is designed with the specific needs of Java developers in mind. With this tool, you can automate pipeline operations and integrate security testing into the development process itself. Furthermore, it provides support for compliance regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, Privacy Shield, and many more. This way, you can ensure that your application is compliant with industry standards, thus reducing the risk of regulatory violations.

Easy to use:

MergeBase’s Build Tool Protection is also very easy to use. You do not have to spend hours learning how to use the tool, and it can be easily integrated into your existing workflow. The tool works in the background, ensuring that your code is protected while you focus on coding and building your application.

Real-time notifications:

Another excellent feature of MergeBase’s Java Build Tool Protection is the real-time notification system that alerts you of any suspicious activity detected in your build process. This way, you can take immediate action to protect your code, preventing harm before any significant damage is done.

Integrate your favorite tools:

We also offer easy integration with popular development tools such as Java Development Kit, IntelliJ IDEA, and Eclipse. This means you don’t have to change your preferred coding environment. You can continue coding as usual, while still enjoying superior protection for your builds. You can also integrate with Git, Jenkins, JUnit, Docker, SonarQube, Spring Boot, and Artifactory, making it easier to operate all the tools you need in one place.

Protect Your Java Build Tools Now and Experience Seamless Development

MergeBase’s solution is an excellent tool for Java software engineers that are looking for a more comprehensive way to manage and protect their builds. With easy integration of a range of popular development tools and comprehensive build tool protection for all three – Maven, Ant and Gradle, it is the perfect solution for those who are seeking to improve the quality of their builds.

Whether you build with Maven, Gradle, or Ant, we have you covered. Start your free trial now and enjoy a seamless, secure development process with just a few clicks!

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