How to Instantly Secure Log4j

How to Instantly Secure Log4j with MergeBase SCA

The log4j vulnerability was announced on December 10, 2021, and ranks as one of the worst in history. How to secure log4j? The best resolution is to upgrade to a secure version. However, sometimes that is not possible, or at least it takes time. In these scenarios, runtime protection for log4j or other vulnerabilities can be a lifesaver.

In organizations that have hundreds or thousands of applications, it can take days or even weeks of an all-out effort to upgrade these applications. Or it could be that the vulnerable applications are supplied by a vendor, and the vendor does not have a fix immediately available. The runtime protection can be applied with a few clicks of a mouse and save you a lot of time. This video below walks you through how that works.

How to secure log4j instantly at runtime?


A comprehensive understanding of how to secure log4j at runtime is crucial. In a detailed video demonstration, experts Julius Musseau and Delan Elliott illustrate the process. They cover key aspects such as:

Seeking Solutions for log4j Security?

For those looking to secure log4j or other libraries, professional assistance is available. You can contact us for expert guidance or try out MergeBase for free to experience firsthand the effectiveness of these security solutions.



What is the log4j vulnerability?
The log4j vulnerability, discovered in December 2021, is a significant security flaw in the log4j logging utility used in Java, allowing potential unauthorized access and control.
Why is upgrading log4j in large networks challenging?
Upgrading log4j in large networks is challenging due to the sheer number of applications that need updating and potential delays in receiving updates from vendors.
What is Dynamic Application Surveillance and Hardening for log4j?
Runtime protection involves implementing security measures during the operation of applications to safeguard against vulnerabilities in log4j.
How can organizations respond quickly to new cybersecurity threats?
Organizations can respond quickly to new threats by having agile security protocols and systems in place that allow for rapid identification and mitigation of risks.
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