Scans API Reference

MergeBase’s Scans API provides REST access to scan data.  Our Scans API is based on Nucleus Security‘s “Custom Scan Import Format.”  Note:  you DO NOT need to be a user or customer of Nucleus Security to enable and integrate with this endpoint.


Every request must include an HTTP Authorization header as follows:

X-Authorization: <api-key>

The api-key is provided from the “Enable MergeBase Rest Endpoint” section of the MergeBase configuration page.

REST Endpoints

GET /api/n/scans

Returns a list of instances with summary scan data for the customer associated with the API key.

JSON Data:



    "instance_id"``: "12345"``,

    "name"``: "string"``,

    "environment"``: "string"``,

    "region"``: "string"``,

    "scan_date"``: "2019-05-14 19:18:22"``,

    "finding_count_critical"``: 2

    "finding_count_high"``: 1``,

    "finding_count_medium"``: 2``,

    "finding_count_low"``: 0



GET /api/n/scans/<instance_id>  (e.g., /api/n/scans/12345)

Returns the latest scan for the instance identified by instance-id (same as the scan file upload format).

JSON Data Example:


  "nucleus_import_version"``: "1"``,

  "scan_date"``: "2019-05-14 19:18:22"``,

  "scan_type"``: "Application"``,

  "scan_tool"``: "MergeBase"``,

  "scan_id"``: <instance-id>,

  "assets"``: [


      "host_name"``: "Testing/Struts-Demo"``,

      "ip_address"``: ""``,

      "host_fqdn"``: "ip-172-30-3-128.ec2.internal"``,

      "findings"``: [


          "finding_number"``: "16064987443995965775"``,

          "finding_name"``: "CVE(s) found in .../fileupload@1.3.2"``,

          "finding_severity"``: "Critical"``,

          "finding_type"``: "Vuln"``,

          "finding_cve"``: "CVE-2016-1000031"``,

          "finding_description"``: "Component has 1 known vulnerability (1 rated critical)"``,

          "finding_output"``: "Package fileupload was found to be vulnerable ..."``,

          "finding_path"``: "/.../fileupload-1.3.2.jar"``,

          "finding_reference"``: {

            "package"``: "commons-fileupload/commons-fileupload"``,

            "vulnerable version"``: "1.3.2"


          "finding_result"``: "Failed"



          "finding_number"``: "15419030703544961074"``,

          "finding_name"``: "CVE(s) found in .../commons-lang@2.4"``,

          "finding_severity"``: "Medium"``,

          "finding_type"``: "Vuln"``,

          "finding_cve"``: "CVE-2013-1571"``,

          "finding_description"``: "Component has 1 known vulnerability"``,

          "finding_output"``: "..."``,

          "finding_path"``: "/.../commons-lang-2.4.jar"``,

          "finding_reference"``: {

            "package"``: "commons-lang/commons-lang"``,

            "vulnerable version"``: "2.4"


          "finding_result"``: "Failed"







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