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CodeGreen is an early-warning defence that empowers developers to code securely and integrates directly into code repositories

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Why CodeGreen is the preferred choice for developers?


Early Awareness:

CodeGreen alerts developers to known vulnerabilities early in the development process, enabling overall cost savings and quick resolution.

Enterprise Controls:

CodeGreen adds robust controls that prevent vulnerabilities from even entering the enterprise code base.

Developer Friendly

CodeGreen integrates seamlessly into software development tools that developers use everyday.

You can use us if you are using for instance GitHub, or BitBucket.

Empower Your Developers with CodeGreen to Secure your Enterprise Applications.

Early awareness to Shift Left The earlier in the software development lifecycle you can identify and fix a problem, the lower the cost and negative impact experienced by your enterprise. CodeGreen prevents known vulnerabilities from even entering your codebase and truly enables your enterprise to shift left.

Enterprise controls and Actionable Guidance CodeGreen’s configurable enterprise class security controls can prevent bringing vulnerabilities into projects. These controls offer actionable guidance on vulnerability management policies and procedures that developers can depend on so they can focus their efforts where it matters most.

Empowers Development to Code Securely After every code submission, CodeGreen provides developers with reports that provide true visibility into the known vulnerabilities of open source they use, empowering developers with the knowledge to code securely and strengthen development decisions on the fly to meet the demands of a DevSecOps environment.


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“Much faster and more accurate than the OWASP maven scanner we were using. Being able to detect at commit time guarantees the problem will be dealt with up front.”
- Scott Mackenzie, Tech Lead

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Core Product

BuildGreen is a powerful solution for identifying the real risk of open source at build time or in existing applications

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RunGreen detects and defends against known-vulnerabilities at runtime.

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Optional Developer Add-on

CodeGreen is an early-warning defence for your in-house development and integrates directly into code repositories

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