Settings (Configuration)

The Settings menu item ⚙️ in the bottom left hand side of the dashboard, provides access to MergeBase configuration settings for the customer’s organization. It consists of three tabs: Status, Integrations, and License Policies.

Status Tab

The Status Tab provides some basic network connectivity health checks for your system. If you have enabled Slack or other integrations, you can generate a test notification.

Build ID

This displays the Build ID (version number) of the MergeBase Dashboard. Please include your current “Build ID” when communicating with the MergeBase support team about any problems you encounter.

Note: The CLT (Command Line Tool) also displays its Build ID on every invocation. We recommend using a version of the CLT that matches the same version as the MergeBase Dashboard (where the Build ID’s are equivalent).


Integrations Tab

The Integrations Tab provides the forms to manage integration with external services. The currently supported services are:

  • Issue tracker (Jira or Microsoft Boards)
    • Jira (on-premise or cloud)
      • Provide the project key you want to show in Jira (the prefix of the issue)
        • for example: ISSUE
      • Provide the Jira specific issue type
        • for example: Task, Epic, Story, Bug
      • Provide the URL for your Jira instance (the root).
        • for example:
      • The login ID you would like to use
        • for example:
      • Your Atlassian api token key
    • Microsoft Boards
      • Provide the URL for your Boards project. The URL has the form:{organization}/{project}
      • Your personal access token (PAT) generated for your Azure account. The permission required for this token is “Read & write” on Work Items.
  • Slack
  • Syslog / IBM QRadar
  • MergeBase REST API (Nucleus compatible)
  • Splunk

Jira Integration

MergeBase supports integration with Jira Cloud and Jira Server (on-premise). For Jira Cloud, you must create an API token for a particular Jira user. On the MergeBase side, you select “API Token” as the Authorization Type and enter the client ID and token in the corresponding fields.

For Jira Server, you create a Personal Access Token in Jira. On the MergeBase side, you select “Personal Access Token” as the Authorization Type and enter the token in the corresponding field. You must be using Jira Server 8.4 or later.

Once you have saved your configuration, you can test the connection to ensure it is working properly.

If you are using Jira Server and need to create firewall rules to allow MergeBase to connect to it, you must request a permanent IP address from MergeBase. The REST API endpoints used by MergeBase are:

  • /rest/api/2/project
  • /rest/api/2/project/<project-key>

Syslog / IBM QRadar Integration


To configure Syslog integration, enter the Syslog server host name and select the connection type. There are three connection types, SSL, UDP, and TCP. SSL is recommended unless you are running MergeBase on a server in a secure network.

If you are using QRadar, change the message format to LEEF.

Use the Test Connection button to test your connection and send sample messages.