Software Supply Chain Implications For Zero Trust

Zero Trust has been the source of hope and confusion for many organizations looking to improve and modernize their security program.

It is not a new concept, but President Biden’s 2021 Executive Order has recently highlighted it. The order cites Zero Trust, Software Supply Chains, and SBOM as critical pieces toward better securing American institutions and people against cyber attacks.

There is wide agreement that Zero Trust concepts lead in a positive direction toward better security. Implementing it requires fundamental changes and raises questions: How does it really work? How do I apply it? What are its implications?

Join Jerry Hoff and Julius Musseau for a talk on November 16th at 10 am PST; they will break down Zero Trust’s fundamental concepts and resources. Also, they will look at Zero Trust’s implications for Applications, SBOM and Software Supply Chains.

Jerry Hoff

Jerry Hoff

Group Senior Security Architect at NTT Holdings

Julius Musseau

Julius Musseau

CTO & Co-Founder at MergeBase


Free Live Event

Date: Wednesday,
November 16th
Time: 10 A.M PST


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