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Find known vulnerabilities in your code, fix them faster and keep your business safe from threats!

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Lowest false positives in the industry - Dramatically reduce your remediation effort and friction.

Software Bill of materials (SBOM) - Gives you tomorrow's compliance today!

Advanced developer guidance - Keep developing at top speed.

Only SCA tool with run-time protection - Instantly secure your apps.

Comprehensive technology coverage Whatever you got, we got you covered!

Our clients

- VP IT, Energy Distributor

“The outcomes proved to be very valuable to us… recommend to purchase“

- Co-Founder & CTO, Fintech

“MergeBase detected more vulnerabilities than the other systems we tested…”

- CISO Payment Processor

"MergeBase gives us deep insight in the usage of our vulnerable code, enabling us to prioritize remediation much better.

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Open Source Protection

Stay on top of the real risk of open source at any time.

Avoid false positives and get sophisticated upgrade guidance based on risk, compatibility and popularity.

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Add RunTime Protection

Detect and defend against known-vulnerabilities at runtime. The only SCA to do so.

The quickest way to respond to an imminent threat like log4j with CVE-2021-44228.

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Shift Left Now

CodeGreen is an early-warning defence for your in-house development and integrates directly into GitHub and BitBucket

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