Don’t Let Third-Party Vulnerabilities Run Wild

Dont third-party vulnerabilities

You’re leaving up to 90% of what you run exposed to threats. Today’s software and applications are predominantly built with third-party components. Don’t let third-party vulnerabilities run wild! It isn’t enough to analyze your own code–your Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools need to also consider any third-party components used by your offering and services. 

Learn what you can do to not let third-party vulnerabilities happen

  • How to ensure your DevOps and DevSecOps teams are equipped with the tools they need to identify new threats
  • How to integrate remediation tools and processes that consider your entire CI/CD pipeline and code in production
  • How to develop and implement a complete and accurate software bill of materials (SBOM) process for your code and third-party software
  • How to apply a mechanism for obtaining detailed reports on risk and suppression

About the Author

Julius Musseau

Julius Musseau, co-founder & CTO. Senior architect and developer with strong academic background and roots in the open source community. Contributor to a number of important open source projects.