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BuildGreen is the essential Software Composition Analysis solution that focuses on the real risks of open source, has the industry’s lowest false positive rates and bundles container scanning right in.

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Why use BuildGreen as your core SCA?


Low False Positives

BuildGreen accurately identifies and report vulnerabilities during the build and deployment process, with very low false positive rates.

Developer Guidance:

Accelerate your development by immediately getting the best upgrade path, and even applying that automatically using “AutoPatching”. The most advanced developer guidance in the industry today.


BuildGreen empowers security and development teams to effectively find and reduce the real risks in open source more rapidly than ever before.

Empower Your Developers and Security Analysts to Effectively Secure your Enterprise Applications.

Accelerate Triage BuildGreen accelerates triage by minimizing false positives and
deemphasizing vulnerabilities in unused code

Go Beyond Traditional Vulnerability Databases BuildGreen goes above and beyond CVE’s from the NVD because your enterprise needs every advantage against today’s adversaries.

Language Support BuildGreen detects vulnerabilities in Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Elixir and .NET.

Container scanning In addition to securing your applications, you want to make sure that the container it is deployed on is safe as well. BuildGreen includes scanning scanning to do this as well. It supports Alpine Ubuntu and others.

Suppression management MergeBase supports strong security governance and vuln∅ strategies with sophisticated suppression management. Suppress for a time and keep full accountability.

Auto-patching MergeBase automates the process by generating a PR for the upgrade to maximize developer productivity.

Our SaaS technology seamlessly integrates into your security workflow


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Core Product

BuildGreen is a powerful solution for identifying the real risk of open source at build time or in existing applications

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Add RunTime Protection

RunGreen detects and defends against known-vulnerabilities at runtime.

Learn why Runtime Protection Matters

Optional Developer Add-on

CodeGreen is an early-warning defence for your in-house development and integrates directly into code repositories

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