Introducing the MergeBase SCA Platform

Are you still on doubt if you should use MergeBase tools?
Have a closer look at how the MergeBase SCA Platform works. In this video, MergeBase CEO Oscar van der Meer demonstrates what the MergeBase SCA tool offers and why it is one of the best tools in the market.

Why MergeBase’s SCA Platform?

Dashboard Features

  • Overview of your applications
  • Detailed breakdown
  • Find out the risks of underlying components
  • Notification System

Developer Guidance

  • Summary of the available versions
  • Find out the popular versions in the industry
  • Find out all information that you need to upgrade your project successfully
  • Create JIRA Ticket or Microsoft board ticket to feed your team workflow

Vulnerabilities Explained

  • Filter by component or vulnerabilities
  • Access full reports: which shows all your vulnerable components and will indicate if that’s a violation or complying with policies.

Suppression Risk Management

It helps to ensure that builds can only progress so far if they contain vulnerabilities that haven’t been addressed. If a vulnerability isn’t deemed a high enough priority, it will be blocked until it is


Introducing MergeBase SCA Platform
Introducing MergeBase SCA Platform

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