Don’t Let Third-Party Vulnerabilities Run Wild

You’re leaving up to 90% of what you run exposed to threats. Today’s software and applications are predominantly built with third-party components. It isn’t enough to analyze your own code–your SCA tools need to also consider any third-party components used by your offering and services.

Photo Julius Musseau

And you also need tools that can assess and analyze what you’re running live, whether in production or in staging/test environments that satisfy your security and compliance teams. It’s not enough to shift security left, you need the ability to know how third-party components impact risk and remediate those without the associated costs.

Join us for this special session with MergeBase CTO and CO-Founder, Julius Musseau, who created a platform that focuses on runtime analysis, risk identification and remediation. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to ensure your DevOps and DevSecOps teams are equipped with the tools they need to identify new threats
  • How to integrate remediation tools and processes that consider your entire CI/CD pipeline and code in production
  • How to develop and implement a complete and accurate software bill of materials (SBOM) process for your code and third-party software
  • How to apply a mechanism for obtaining detailed reports on risk and suppression

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