Swedish Patient Data Act

What is the Sweden Patient Data Act (Patientdatalagen)?

The Swedish Patient Data Act (Patientdatalagen) safeguards how healthcare professionals and organizations handle personal medical information.

The law protects:

  • Medical information, including diagnoses, test results, treatment plans, and medication details.
  • Administrative data related to your healthcare encounters.

This law affects all healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners, as well as researchers and other parties handling patient data within the healthcare system.

They are required:

  • To keep the data safe and confidential
  • Process the data only for healthcare purposes
  • To be transparent with patients about their processing activities.

Like the GDPR, the Patient Data Act gives Swedish residents the rights to access, correction, objections, restriction, and deletion of data.

MergeBase and the Sweden Patient Data Act

This law applies only to healthcare organizations, meaning it does not apply to MergeBase.

How Can MergeBase Help You Comply with the Sweden Patient Data Act?

Handling patient data means handling sensitive data that must not get into the wrong hands. Therefore, you must implement robust data security measures, and that’s where MergeBase can help.

Our solutions can be a great addition to your cybersecurity program, particularly in the following areas:

  • Continuous monitoring — MergeBase’s ongoing vulnerability scanning helps healthcare providers stay ahead of potential threats and address them promptly, contributing to robust data security measures.

  • Vulnerability management — MergeBase proactively identifies and helps prioritize vulnerabilities within open-source components used in healthcare applications and systems. This can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration of patient data, aligning with the Act’s security requirements.

  • Patch management integration — MergeBase allows organizations to patch identified vulnerabilities faster, minimizing the window of vulnerability for patient data.

  • Vulnerability reporting — MergeBase reports provide details of vulnerabilities identified within applications, potentially aiding healthcare providers in generating patient data access reports and demonstrating efforts to secure patient information.

  • Data breach response support — If vulnerabilities involve patient data exposure, MergeBase can help identify the affected data and scope of the issue, facilitating swift notification and rectification measures as required by the SPDA.