Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act

What is MTCDPA?

The Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act (MTCDPA) is the foremost data privacy statute in Montana. It is similar to most other US state consumer privacy legislations.

The MTCDPA establishes several key provisions. On the consumer rights front, it allows individuals to confirm if their personal data is being processed, access specific personal data, correct inaccurate data, delete personal data under certain conditions, and opt out of the sale of their personal data and targeted advertising.

For businesses, on the other hand, the MTCDPA mandates the implementation and maintenance of reasonable security measures to safeguard personal data. You must determine what reasonable measures are for your situation and then implement them.

It also requires obtaining explicit consent for processing sensitive data, mandates timely responses to consumer requests, and necessitates the disclosure of data collection and processing practices through a clear and accessible privacy notice.

One of the most important requirements is that consumers be able to easily opt out of the sale of personal information or certain data processing.

MergeBase and MTCDPA

Even though the MTCDPA does not extend to MergeBase following its implementation, our current data protection and security protocols exceed the benchmarks set by this statute. Therefore, compliance would be effortlessly realized in a scenario where the law did encompass us.

How Can MergeBase Help You Comply with the MTCDPA?

The Montana privacy law lets you choose your adequate security measures, but that comes with a responsibility to make the right choice. We understand that, and we’re here to empower you with the tools and expertise to build robust data security practices that surpass mere compliance.

Our comprehensive approach includes

  • Identification of risks

  • Enhanced threat detection and response

  • Patch management

  • Ongoing scanning

  • Reducing your attack surface.

As a result, you can achieve compliance with the law and trust with your customers.