Japan APPI

What is the Japan APPI?

The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) is Japan’s primary data protection law. It safeguards individuals’ information rights and regulates how organizations handle personal data. The law relies on the opt-in principle, meaning that organizations must not process personal data without a legal basis, similar to the EU GDPR.

Another similarity between the two laws is the requirement for appropriate data security measures to protect the data. Every organization can choose its measures as long as they keep the data safe from unauthorized access.

The laws were updated in 2023 to enhance data breach notification requirements and to enhance data privacy rights of individuals.

The Japanese APPI applies to any entity (individual or organization) handling personal data within Japan, including government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits. There are no thresholds for applicability.

MergeBase and the Japan APPI

Since we do not process personal information in Japan, the Japanese APPi does not apply to our work. However, we already meet the requirements in the law, so we are compliant by default.

How Can MergeBase Help You Comply with the Japan APPI

Our expertise is in data security as part of a more holistic data protection approach. MeregBase can complement your data protection efforts by strengthening your data security capacities, particularly by:

  • Actively scanning for weak spots in open-source components of applications where personal data is often stored. This quick identification of vulnerabilities allows organizations to fix security issues quickly, preventing data breaches and meeting APPI’s security standards.

  • Sorting out vulnerabilities by how severe and exploitable they are. This helps organizations know which issues to tackle first, ensuring they focus on the most critical threats to personal data.

  • Linking our findings with patch management systems. This streamlines the process of fixing vulnerabilities, ensuring that security gaps are closed quickly and personal data is better protected.