ENISA Standards

What Are the ENISA Standards?

ENISA, formally known as the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, is a crucial organization focused on enhancing cybersecurity across the European Union. ENISA works towards achieving a high standard level of cybersecurity throughout the EU.

Many existing and potential customers ask us about meeting the ENISA standards and how we can help them meet them. The truth is that ENISA standards do not exist. ENISA is an EU agency that does not develop any standards. It shapes cybersecurity legislation around the continent but doesn’t contribute its own legislation or standards.

How Can MergeBase Help You Meet the ENISA Standards?

ENISA standards do not exist, but we can help you meet the standards set in the cybersecurity legislation of the EU member states.

We offer valuable support in implementing technical safeguards to ensure robust data security and protection. Our specialized knowledge in vulnerability management and proactive approach to reducing potential attack surfaces empowers your organization to pinpoint and effectively tackle security weaknesses quickly.

By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of rapid identification and prompt action, enhancing your overall security posture and ensuring a more resilient defense against cyber threats.