EDPB Guidelines

What Are the EDPB Guidelines?

The European Data Protection Board is an EU body where experts pass guidelines and recommendations on implementing the GDPR. The GDPR provisions are general by nature, and the guidelines and recommendations provide clarification on how to implement its provisions.

MergeBase and the EDPB Guidelines

Whenever the EU Regulation applies to our operations, we fully comply with the GDPR and all the EDPB guidelines on GDPR compliance.

We don’t typically process personal data for our customers, meaning we’re not usually data processors. However, if we process personal data for a customer, we strictly follow GDPR rules. This involves setting up a data processing agreement with the customer and ensuring both parties meet their GDPR obligations.

Furthermore, we have strong data security measures to protect data and prevent breaches. These measures are designed to protect personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, changes, or destruction. Our dedication to data security is fundamental to our operations, aiming to prevent data breaches and maintain our customers and website users’ trust.

How Can MergeBase Help You Comply with the EDPB Guidelines?

EDPB guidelines focus on many aspects of data protection and personal data privacy, as well as data security; MergeBase can help you comply with these guidelines.

The EDPB has guidelines on personal data breach notifications, as well as guidelines focusing on the technical and organizational measures controllers need to take to ensure data protection and compliance with the GDPR. We can be helpful in meeting the implementation of the technical measures to ensure data security and protection. Our expertise in vulnerability management and reducing the attack surface will allow you to determine the weaknesses quickly and act on them.