MergeBase CLT Command-Line-Tool Suppression (.mergebase.suppressions.json)

Place a “.mergebase.suppressions.json” file at the root of your project (in the same directory as the “.git/” directory). This file controls which vulnerabilities should be suppressed by the mergebase.jar command-line-tool.

Each “suppression” entry can contain any (or all) of the following:

A suppression takes effect when every coordinate in the suppression entry matches the vulnerability under consideration.  The more coordinates supplied in a single suppression entry, the more selective it becomes.

Each suppression entry can also include an optional “expires” date (YYYY-MM-DD), and an optional “comment”.

Example File (“project-root/.mergebase.suppressions.json”):

      "expires": "2022-12-31",
      "comment": "This entry suppresses CVE-2020-28488 when it occurs against npm:uglify-js"

      "expires": "2021-12-31",
      "comment": "This entry suppresses *ALL* vulnerabilities related to nuget:Microsoft.NETCore.App version 2.0.0"

      "comment": "This entry suppresses CVE-2018-8416 for all components. This entry never expires!"


You can run “java -jar mergebase.jar –debug” (with the “–debug” flag) to see how suppressions are being applied.  Example:

DEBUG: using /opt/mergebase/src/orleans/.mergebase.suppressions.json for suppressions
DEBUG: suppressions.json suppressed VULN=CVE-2018-8416 FOR=nuget:Microsoft.NETCore.App



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